I’d bet most every new RPG blog has an origin story for its writer. And I imagine they’re pretty similar, but I say we’re nosy enough as a race that it doesn’t hurt to hear one more story. So here we are. How’d I get started???

I was a poor boy growin’ up in the backwoods o’ Alabamy.

…Wait, that’s my new screenplay…

I was your typical midwestern kid. I had too much imagination for the toys I had. I wanted to create entire worlds and then “act” in those worlds. I remember coming up with very elaborate scenarios and storylines. In fact, before I actually knew what D&D was, I’d heard of it and tried to mimic what I thought it might be, which curiously turned into a 12-year old’s version of the LARP.

D&D was reinventing itself yet again as Frank Mentzer’s newly minted Basic set hit the shelves and it landed in my greedy little hands at Christmas time. A story I often relate, much to the chagrin of those who’d heard it several times, is that after opening the boxed set my first words were “Where’s the board?” I quickly learned, from Frank’s own words, that there was no board and that I didn’t need it. It was like the schackles had come off.

I spent the next year coopting friends at school into playing, taking my first role as DM, then getting other games when D&D proved too limited for me. I stayed with T$R for awhile, but then branched out to other companies like GDW, FASA and yes even Palladium. I began acquiring games for every genre and of most system types. I was trying to find the best and most playable system out there.

I’m still looking.

So from little imaginations do vast campaigns grow, and I, like I’m sure most of you, have used that imagination to weave some pretty amazing stories; at least I and my players thought they were.

I’ve even taken quite a hand at playing, and from what I can see there’s certainly people that would like to talk about that aspect of gaming as well. Us GM’s might horde the lion’s share of these blogs, but I’d bet most GM’s are just as desirous of being players. After all, sometimes a GM is just the guy or girl who got the odd straw and had to be the one to run because no one else wanted to.

This is naturally a pretty simplistic origin story, but I’ll talk at length on it elsewhere on down the line. I gotta save some material for later folks. 🙂

I’ve even reinvented my interest in the game. I went through a multi-year hiatus from actual play (but not story development) due to familial commitments (and aren’t a lot of us older gamers always struggling with that) and have had to rediscover parts of the hobby that were, well, let’s say inaccessible to me for that period.

I’m always curious of course if my experiences are the norm or if I need to realign my compass, so anyone should feel free to discuss aspects of how their lives were different with games. I’m what you might call on the curious side.  See you around.