Welcome welcome to any and all that will and have visited my little corner of wordpress. You know, I’ve run other blogs before, but I gotta admit the real estate here is very nice.

So who am I and why should you pay any attention to what scribblings I post to this blog? Well, my name’s Rob if you hadn’t already guessed from having it on the site. I’m a very old school RPG gamer, by those standards.

I often refer to myself as a “first gen gamer” and you may hear a little more about that in my own voice soon enough. I consider first gen gamers those who stumbled upon this hobby in our youth and didn’t necessarily have it handed down to us by older siblings, classmates or parents; those of us who were too creative or too into not being a “grown-up” as we grew from youth to our teen years and beyond who found in RPG’s that outlet that we’d sorely been missing.

So what’s the point to this blog? Well, I’ll be writing here for the time being (perhaps permanently, logistics are such a hassle) about whatever musings I may have on the RPG systems of old and maybe even some of the new ones and how they relate to those older systems. If you played RPG’s in the ’80’s or even ’90’s (the Golden Age), then you’ll likely find a sympathetic ear here and you may even manage a smile or laugh as you reminisce with me on some amazing old game systems (and yes…new ones too…).

Now if that got you interested you might want to know just what about me would make me interesting enough to pay attention to. I’m glad you asked. I’ve been an RPG owner, GM, and player for just a hair over 25 years. I started playing in Jr. High and never looked back. I started collecting in my late teens and I’m the proud owner of a little over 32 complete and a handful of partial RPG’s as well as an assortment of truly wonderful old wargames.

These days when work or family isn’t kicking me square in the cojones, I amuse myself keeping up with the seemingly eternal although leaner and meaner RPG industry and co-hosting a paranormal podcast with some of my dear friends called EERIE Radio. (They may have something to do with that hosting issue I referred to earlier). Give them a look, by the way, if you’re into any aspect of the paranormal and feel it’s treated far too seriously. While we respect our guests (we’re pushing 120 shows), we don’t take ourselves too seriously and therein lies the fun of that show.

So I’ll be around and if you feel like intro’ing yourselves, please do. It’s always nice to be reminded that RPG gamers still exist out there in the wastes. And…I think I’ll mix the posts with the occasional audio blog so I can ramble at a more leisurely pace. You can work a lot more dialog in thirty minutes than you can in a 500 word count post, no?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys and gals.