Well so far all you’ve seen from me have been some entertaining (or not so, depending on your preference) stories related to my history with gaming. After all, this is “Tales” of an Old School Gamer.

Here’s the plan and if you’re reading this it will help you understand what I hope to do here in a more structured form. I’m gunning for two things. The first is the maintenance of this blog to provide you, the gentle reader, with a resource to look into games old and new and see if they’re something you might want to search out (or rediscover).

I intend to mix this with an in development RPG podcast that will provide some other insights possibly and God willing maybe the occasional interview. I have actually written for the occasional game company. You’d think some of them would owe me. You’d think wrong. 😛

See, here’s my thoughts. This year at GenCon, we saw the end of the Open Gaming License (OGL) from WOTC bring about a tremendous explosion of new game systems…newly invented wheels if you will. Of course, there are still and will remain to be, doubtless for some time, d20-based sstems, but now that everyone’s back out there with their creative juices flowing, it’s almost a step back to the 80’s and early ’90’s. The difference, we’ll hope, is that new game designers learn from the mistakes and benefit from the discoveries of those past luminaries.

The RPG market’s been declared dead more times than can easily be counted. It survives, even against the onslaught of computer games, because it has a creative edge that no other medium can match. TCG’s, computer games, even wargames and of course boardgames all have rigid structures and if>then sort of rules. RPG’s allow a bit more freedom, and I think that’s their enduring legacy. Ultimately, one can do anything in a given RPG.

In all this chaos of new birth, those old systems I mentioned are getting a second look, and people my age are remembering they have disposable income. SOOOO…it would seem some of those old systems will be seeing some play again, if only to provide new fodder from classic material for new systems and ideas.

So be it. I will endeavor, in my own humble way, to facilitate this, and I will start simple and work my way up. Should you have any older game systems that interest you, by all means let me know and I’ll see if we can discuss them. If it’s one I’m not that familiar with, I can make no promises. I’d rather give you good than crap.

Oh, and ultimately I don’t wish to just read you the table of contents from these games. If you want that, you can just pick up the books and read them. What I’d like to give is the overall impression of the games. What they’re like from a GM’s perspective. What they’re like from a player’s perspective and ultimately how playable they were/are. I think that’s of more use to gamers than anything. It’s what I’d want to see in a similar situation. So off we go.

Oh, and one other little minor teeny little thing. I will apologize right here and now, ahead of time, for the fact that occasionally there may be some lulls in this blog. I hold down a day job and I teach a class at night. Combine those two with family and most of you will readily get the drift. Don’t expect this project to fold. That much I can promise. What I can’t promise is that real life won’t suck. Would that any of us could guarantee that. 🙂

See you around fellow geeks.