Ok, I hinted at this right away, but it’s important for me to reiterate for the benefit of new visitors to the site. I, like many of you, have a very demanding life. For example, I just started my lecture gig at the local university teaching a late science class after my day job.

Prepping for that class has naturally taken its toll on my time. I know…I know. Everyone has a sob story and I see excuses like mine on blogs all over the Net, but the excuse is for your benefit more than mine. It’s to reassure you that I will continue to post. I need to. It’s therapy for goodness’ sake. đŸ™‚

There just may be the occasional odd lag. As more users come through, I will of course be more conscientious about updates, but early on here you may see a gap or two appear. School, job, and kids are an enormous drain on anyone’s ability to get anything done and I’m no exception. I hope to continue the current thread in good order and keep the entertainment level (such as it is) high enough to keep you coming back.

If there’s any old games or game experiences, by the way, that you want to talk about, leave me a comment. I’d very much like to hear your stories as well. See you around.