When I first decided to start an RPG blog about a year ago, I had thoughts of eventually transitioning to a podcast format. I’ve done podcasting for other fields of endeavor for the past couple of years and since most of the people I enjoy that hobby with are also gamers, the natural conclusion for me was to mix the two.

Of course, everyone and their grandmother podcasts these days just as everyone and their assorted relatives started blogging a couple of years ago. How is this different, one might ask? I’m not sure there’s benefit in trying to be edgy, trendy or flashy, especially in terms of tabletop RPG’s. They’re not exactly cutting edge themselves anymore. My purpose for the blog also was mostly for a touch of nostalgia and reminiscing and thus that will be the focus of the podcast.

I’m sort of a people watcher. Watching people for me is an anthropological experiment. Gaming has been the ultimate for me in this regard. Not only have I gamed with numerous groups and personalities over the years, but I’ve attended conventions that have allowed me to do even more. You really get to explore the human condition and you don’t even have to like people that much or be that extroverted. 🙂 My lessons and our bs stories are a good portion of what I intend to share on the podcast, all at least loosely related to gaming of course.

Expect to see the first episode rolling off the truck within the month with more soon to follow.