I’m exhausted. That’s the best way to put it and I need to sleep, but I thought I’d post a quick note on Day 0, better known as the extremely active day before the Con starts.

I volunteered to help out at Auction this year, surmising that since I spend so much time there, it would be logical to help out. Well, of course the first couple of days are all about getting new material entered into the system, sorted and put up in the “warehouse” or “shop” as directed.

There’s a lot of gopher work involved and at my age that’s an interesting task to try and undertake. Most everyone there was exceptionally friendly and we all tried to have a good time despite the extreme amounts of work to be done. There were some minor “personality” issues with one person, but otherwise things went swimmingly. And sadly, I get to experience that being in a supervisory position for years has left me less than fit for runner work. Ah…age. šŸ™‚

Otherwise, combined with my day job, I’m tired as hell and I’m going to turn in. I’ll discuss the Con more as the weekend progresses. Take care all.